Law Enforcement, Military & FFL Sales Only

Kiesler Trade-In Program

We Take Almost Anything on Trade!

STOP destroying or selling confiscated property and surplus duty gear. Trade it in or sell it to Kiesler Police Supply in exchange for new duty equipment, ammo, firearms – whatever your department needs!

Kiesler specializes in departmental trades and sales to allow departments with limited budgets to acquire or replenish critical equipment. If you need new firearms, we will take your current duty weapons on trade and apply the amount to new purchases. Changing calibers? No problem – we’ll take your current inventory of unused ammunition and replace it, whether it is duty or training ammo.

Confiscated weapons are another source of potential trade revenue for you, and we’ve taken in thousands over the years. No need to be concerned about where these guns may wind up, either. We are cognizant of climates surrounding not just law enforcement, but the firearms industry in general. We will work with your department to determine what restrictions, if any, need to be in place regarding trades that were confiscated.

Not interested in trading duty weapons, ammo, or confiscated guns? No problem! We have always taken just about anything: patrol bikes, traffic spikes, old department vehicles, snow blowers, generators, gas masks, batons, office furniture… literally just about anything.

How to trade items in:

  1. Email a list of what you or your department has to trade to us at or utilize the form below for a free estimate of your trade’s value.
  2. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 812.288.5740.
  3. Fax us a list of your trades, along with your contact info, to 812.284.8008.

When you tell us what you have to trade…

The more specific you can be, the better. Please provide quantity, make, model, caliber, condition, list of accessories, and include photos if possible. If your trade items are unique or you have a large quantity, we will send a sales rep to your location to provide a free estimate.

Trade In Form